Manage my Gym: Login



Is there an app for the management system?  

There currently isn’t an app for the GymSync management system - but there is one coming very soon!


Is GymSync available worldwide? 

GymSync is now available worldwide!


How do I change the name of my Gym?

To change the name of a gym simply sign into the management system and go to account settings.


Can I use the same email address as a manager for two gyms?

In order to register two gyms, you will have to register each gym separately with different email accounts.


Is there a minimum contract?

There is no minimum contract for GymSync, cancel your membership any time. 


Can I accept payments for class bookings?

Yes, you can setup classes that require a payment before a booking is confirmed.

Any payments made are transferred to your cleared balance 7 days after the class takes place, this allows us to deal with any cancellations or disputes. Your cleared balance is then transferred to your bank account every Monday and should appear in your account by Wednesday. 

For each booking payment made via GymSync the following charges based on the origin of the debit/credit card used:

  • European Cards: 1.9% + 20p 
  • Non European Cards: 3.4% + 20p