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Why GymSync


Conveniently create class timetables and make them available for online booking

GymSync will provide your gym or health club with the tools you need to quickly create and manage exercise class timetables, and to then make them available for your members to book via your gym's website, or using the GymSync website and mobile app.  Learn more >

Reduce 'no-shows'. Maximise attendance. Keep members happy.

Every gym or health club manager knows that ‘no-shows’, for whatever reason, are the proverbial spanner in the works when it comes to providing fair access to exercise classes for all of their members. 

GymSync's class booking, reminder notification, and check-in features have been designed to make it quick and easy for your members to manage their class attendance. In the event that a member is unable to attend a class they have previously booked, they can simply cancel online, or using the GymSync mobile app, and their place can then be released to other members who may want to attend.  Learn more >

Track and report on attendance with confidence


Get definitive data on class attendance, instructor performance and the cost to your business.

Using GymSync’s ‘Check-in’ feature means that you can monitor how many people turn up to each of your classes. With this information, GymSync can then report on how many people booked on to the class, how many turned up and the overall cost per class.