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    Class timetable manager

    It’s fast and easy to create your timetables

    GymSync’s intelligent management tools give you complete control over your class timetables. Simply add each of your gyms or health clubs to GymSync then using the innovative calendar interface, add your classes to create a timetable for each location that you operate.

    When you’re done, simply set the maximum number of spaces available for each class, and decide how far in advance you will allow bookings to be made. GymSync will then be ready to start taking bookings from your members.


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    Live class availability & booking

    Take class bookings over the phone, from your website or from the GymSync mobile app

    GymSync has been carefully designed to make it super easy for members to book their exercise classes, however they choose to do it.

    Members can chose to book themselves in to a class via the website or using the GymSync app, or alternatively they can book over the phone and be added to the attendee list by your gym staff.  As members book (or cancel) their attendance at a class, GymSync will automatically increase or decrease the number of spaces available in real time.

    If an attendee does cancel their booking other members on the reserve list are automatically notified that a space has become available. The first person to confirm their attendance gets the spare place. Members who try to book after the class is full are asked if they want to be added to the reserve list so that they can be notified in the event of a cancellation. 

    Easy as pie! Or lettuce if you prefer.

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    Class Notifications & Reminders

    Maximise attendance. Reduce ‘no-shows’.

    ‘No-shows’ are the proverbial spanner in the works for gyms that strive to provide their members with fair access to exercise classes. Frequent no-shows for popular classes can ultimately result in unhappy members when vacant spaces that might have been filled are left empty because members who previously booked them fail to notify the gym that they won’t be attending.

    GymSync has been designed to reduce the likelihood of no-shows, therefore helping you to keep your classes full, and your members happy! GymSync does this by pushing reminder notifications to members who have registered for a class 24 hours before the class starts. When they receive the notification, if they can no longer make the class, the member can choose to ‘Cancel my Class’ option, thus releasing their space for booking by other members.

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    Dynamic check in and attendance manager

    Because it pays to double check

    Of course the only sure way to make sure people attend is to see them in the class! To ensure that members don’t persistently book classes and then fail to show up, GymSync contains a check in feature that can be used by your reception staff or your class instructors to view a list of registered members and check them in.

    Members who have booked a class and confirmed that they will turn up who don’t then turn up, therefore failing to check-in will be logged. If they do this a number of times (the number will be determined by each gym individually) they will be prevented from using the GymSync system for a period of time.